Jury Consultant Services

The client’s needs are best met by the single jury consultant who can provide multiple services.  This is the case with Tunno & Associates.  One jury consultant, David Tunno, is retained for all phases of work.  This system results in:

  • Greater continuity of case strategy
  • Simplicity of execution
  • Lower cost

Jury consultant services from Tunno & Associates include:

  • Surrogate jury research (mock trials)
  • Case analysis
  • Demonstrative exhibits, including; boards, slides, videos & computer animations
  • Opening statement consultation, drafting and preparation
  • Witness preparation
  • Jury Selection

Surrogate Jury Research

Commonly referred to as “mock trials”, this type of research can take different forms, depending on the desired goals.  Live mock trials are usually conducted with multiple panels.  Each example of this type of research shares some components, while other components are customized to fit the needs of the case.

This type of research is most appropriate when the goals are to discover case strengths and weaknesses, as well as to establish case themes.  Witnesses appearing live or on videotape may also be included to establish juror reactions to these witnesses and their testimony.

Upon completion of the project, the client receives a detailed written analysis including:

  • Graphed results of the research with an interpretation of the results.
  • Recommendations for improvement in the case presentation.
  • Primary and supporting case themes.
  • Witness analysis (when witnesses are included).
  • Potential damage awards
  • Recommendations for demonstrative exhibits.

Case Analysis

This service is often used in lieu of  a mock trial.  The case is analyzed from documents supplied by the client and follow up interviews.

Case Analysis results in a report to the client including the following elements:

  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Case strategy; including themes and recommendations
  • Graphic recommendations

The documents used to analyze the case include the moving papers, exhibits and depositions.  The analysis is conducted based on the consultant’s experience with similar cases and with surrogate jury research in those matters.  With its case themes and recommendations, this report is used by clients as the bases for the opening statement and witness examination strategy.

Witness Preparation Sessions

These sessions are used to prepare witnesses for deposition and trial.  David Tunno has developed specific techniques to train the witness to comply with the needs of friendly counsel in direct examination and to withstand rigorous cross-examination.  David Tunno is the author of Taking the Stand, Tips for the Expert Witness and “Preparing Expert Witnesses”  for the ABA’s Trial Practice Newsletter.  He has also conducted many expert witness seminars for witness groups and bar associations.

Be sure to read about Fixing the Engine of Justice:  Diagnosis and Repair of Our Jury System.  Click  the “Jury Book” tab to enter the book side of this site.

Demonstrative Exhibits

Demonstrative exhibits produced by Tunno & Associates include graphic boards, videotapes and computer animations.  All exhibits are produced on a time and material basis at very competitive rates.  David Tunno’s particular expertise in the field of intellectual property is reflected in “Markman Hearings – When Words Aren’t Enough,” an article and seminar on demonstrative exhibits for the Practicing Law Institute.

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