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Editorial Reviews:

“I thought your book was excellent. Our justice system is faced with many challenges, not the least of which is the budgetary constraints currently being imposed on our courts. Authors such as you who highlight ways that we can make the system more efficient are in short supply. Thank you!”  Judge Carl West, California Superior Court, Complex Case Division, Los Angeles (Ret.)

“David Tunno infuses his account of our jury system with characteristic insight and humor. He not only analyzes the ailments that anyone who has recently been in a courtroom will recognize, he offers practical and achievable remedies. As Tunno makes clear, the jury is the engine that drives our justice system and is essential to how we govern ourselves. His experience as a highly sought-after jury consultant informs his writing and makes it essential reading for lawyers and judges, and anyone who will ever serve on or stand in front of a jury.” Brent Rushforth, attorney, McKool Smith, Washington, D.C.

“I recommend Tunno’s book to all trial attorneys and judges.

I became a supporter of jury reforms after substantially increasing my use of focus groups several years ago. The recurring issues I saw were two of the problems that Tunno notes: jurors making up facts or using their life experiences to supplant case facts and bias playing a role in verdicts.

Trial attorneys–myself included–have a tendency to assume that the jury properly reached its verdict in cases we win and went astray somewhere in cases we lose. But we really don’t know–we don’t see the jury deliberate.

There is a lot more to be learned about jury decision making in focus groups than there is in actual trials. As Tunno notes, “there is no reason to believe that the actual trial causes jurors to behave altogether differently than they do in research studies.”

Many of Tunno’s proposed solutions are outside the box. But many of them sound pretty good to me.”  Philip W. Thomas, MS Litigation Review and Commentary

“It’s excellent.  I cited your book in an article for The Jury Expert, to appear in the August 2015 issue.  It was almost the only thing I cited.

I found the entire book fascinating, but especially your detailed description of why jury service is such a financial burden on jurors (and a burden in other ways as well).  Your descriptions of juror reasoning were enlightening.  I also appreciate your candor in acknowledging that not everyone is mentally capable of serving on a jury. You’re right that we’ve got to screen for intelligence and lack of bias in persons who are supposed to decide a case.”  Professor Renee Lerner, George Washington University School of Law

Mr. Tunno provides fresh and valuable insights into the judicial system that are a must read for legal practitioners and laymen alike. As an accomplished jury consultant, this book demonstrates why his perspective is so frequently sought after by trial teams. George Speckart, Ph.D., National Director of Litigation Consulting, Courtroom Sciences, Inc.

“Both thought provoking and entertaining, Fixing the Engine of Justice held my attention throughout. It is a compelling book that should appeal to a wide range of audiences, whether they are practitioners of the law or just informed citizens that want to know what really goes on behind the scenes of the justice system.”  Joyce Mochizuki, O.J. Simpson jury consultant

5 Stars out of 5.  Having made his living from manipulating and commenting upon the jury system, one would expect, and receives, arguments and concepts that strengthen and preserve it, rather than ones to minimize or avoid it. The core of his opinion set is the conviction, well supported, that jury duty is far more of a duty than a right. A fascinating, knowledgeable exploration! Humor leavens the material well; the writing is lucid and easy to follow.”  San Francisco Book Review

Lay Reviews:

“We don’t think often about the American jury system, but we should. Anyone who has been through the jury selection process or who was appalled by the outcome of the O.J. Simpson trial has questions and serious concerns about the way in which juries are chosen in the United States. This entertaining and informative book takes a steely-eyed look at what’s wrong with our jury system and proposes sensible and realistic solutions to fix it.”  Gail Martwick, Martwick Associates, Executive Recruiting

The style of the book, despite its very serious subject, is witty and even humorous at times. The many insider accounts of how juries are selected are clear examples of what we already know: our jury system is broken and needs immediate attention to ensure that the promise of ‘justice for all’ is kept. Well-researched and engagingly written, this book is a must-read for anyone concerned about the problems of our court system. John Harten, Editworks

“Tunno’s insights into the jury system are clear, concise, and easily understood. His suggestions for reform make so much sense. You finish with a sense of purpose for when you may next be called to serve and with a desire to fix this problem now!  All of this, and some humor, make this a pleasant read rather than a dry essay.”  Dolores Brown, English teacher (Ret.)

“What a feat!  It is so clear, informative, well ordered and easy to read with stories, graphics and humor.  It is as if the author was just having a conversation with the reader.”  Alberto Cereghino, Executive Seminars International

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