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Fixing the Engine of Justice: Diagnosis and Repair of Our Jury System (2012) is the first book to identify our American jury system problems, in a comprehensive way, and to propose specific remedies for each of the problems.

By researching key trials and gleaning stories from his twenty plus years as a jury consultant, author David Tunno writes about a system beset with representation issues, incompetence, bias, misconduct, misconceptions and lack of support.

Often humorous and irreverent, it was written with the general public in mind, but offers those in the legal profession, including education, with scholarly research and analysis. Though the prime focus is on juries, the author also takes aim at judges, attorneys and other issues relevant to the health of the system.

Fixing the Engine of Justice is the book for anyone who has ever asked themselves the question, “Why do we get such crazy verdicts and what can we do about it?”

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